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Vonderbrand Work – Corporate Branding Huddersfield

Kirklees Music School came to Vonderbrand seeking a completely fresh image – a modern, friendly brand which was versatile enough to allow the school to extend the theme across all of its ensembles and music centres.

Their audience is huge, delivering music tuition not only to the schools of the region, but to over 5000 pupils across Kirklees through the ‘Whole Class Ensemble Teaching’ programme, with a further 2400 pupils in small group instrumental tuition.
With over 70 members of staff the organisation is one of the UKs leading regional Music Education facilities, staging concerts across West Yorkshire and on occasion throughout the country.

The task

Create a stunning, memorable brand AND come up with a new name befitting the school’s heritage and ethos. After much deliberation, discussion and focus group research, the MUSICA brand came to life!

Making our mark

Vonderbrand has a reputation for creating some truly distinctive brands. It is, perhaps, the most visible aspect of all of our services. Our SEO skills are second to none and the marketing campaigns we coordinate have generated millions of pounds in revenue for our clients, but it is our Corporate Branding which leaves a lasting impression on businesses and consumers alike.

Why organisations like Musica Kirklees choose Vonderbrand…

We launched in 2012 and the name Vonderbrand soon became synonymous with the terms Web Design Halifax and SEO Halifax. Since then we’ve stretched our legs and taken our talents on a tour of Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. Our web marketing prowess, our easy-to-rub-along-with style and our fair prices have helped cement our reputation as Yorkshire’s top design agency for Direct Marketing Services, SEO and Website Design.

Corporate Branding Huddersfield and across West Yorkshire

In addition to Search Engine Optimisation and Website Development we offer Social Media Management to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Read the fantastic Vonderbrand ‘Corporate Branding Huddersfield’ Review Musica Kirklees on Facebook! Web design Halifax and SEO Halifax, two search terms synonymous with Marketing Experts Vonderbrand Marketing & Design Halifax. Vonderbrand was established in 2012 and has become West Yorkshire’s ‘go-to’ agency for Search Engine Optimisation, Corporate Branding and Web Design.

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