Time to prepare the next big campaign!

In retail, what tends to follow a busy summer is a short but well-earned rest. A week or two in which we might get away from it all or take stock (literally) and plan for the next flurry of activity.
Autumn has earned its place as the favourite season for shoppers and business owners alike. Customer behaviour is influenced by changes in trends, temperature, colours and daylight, and no other season has such a profound impact on all of our senses.
Savvy retailers and restaurateurs know that the small ‘breather’ at the end of Summer is the perfect time to plan their Autumnal push. Here are three tasks that should feature in yours…

  1. REDECORATE (virtually). Website colours, new products and services, clearance items, loyalty schemes, news and images can all be tweaked and amended to great effect.
  2. GROW YOUR TRIBE. Engage with more prospective customers on Facebook and Instagram. Profile your top 20% and reach out to a new audience.
  3. AD LIKE MAD. MWA stands for MOST WANTED ACTION. Design your ads like an ad-man would!


If you are not sipping sangria by the sea right now, you should be planning your new season strategy. Need good graphics and amazing ad-men? Vonderbrand will deliver the best Autumn Push for your business.


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