Call To Action Marketing…

Whether you are publishing websites, Emails, Posts or Tweets, wrap up your message with a compelling CTA and you will multiply the response. Call To Action Marketing employs subtle, yet effective, queues instructing the reader to carry out an action, such as call today, buy now, sign up etc.  It is particularly potent in the world of retail and services and works well in regional ads, so if you are a hairdresser in Ripponden or a linen manufacturer in West Yorkshire, CTA Marketing should be part of your strategy.

Three golden rules for Call To Action Marketing:

  1. Choose your words. ‘CALL TODAY‘ generates more clicks than ‘GIVE US A CALL’. The word GIVE is generally associated with handing over a tangible object.
  2. Create urgency. Words like NOW, TODAY and IMMEDIATELY imply the clock is ticking. Urgency uses fear-of-loss to elicit an enquiry/sale.
  3. Make it easy. If you want a call, give them your number. Sounds obvious, but lots of websites get it wrong. Likewise, an invitation to email works best with a button.

Need some Call To Action Marketing expertise?

Call the CTA Marketing experts NOW! (see what we did there).

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