Ever wondered why some customers stick with you through thick and thin, whilst others remain sceptical?

Never has Brand Loyalty been so crucial to the fortunes of burgeoning UK businesses, which is why we all need to redouble our efforts when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The art of good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes easily to some. Like a favourite aunt who never forgets your birthday, successful companies take the time to engage with their customers, noting their buying habits and their concerns. Conversely, companies with a high attrition rate are often found guilty of delivering poor service or simply failing to reward loyalty.

It pays to follow a few golden rules if business growth is your aim…

  1. STAY IN TOUCH: Communicate with clients on a regular basis. Encourage feedback and take it on the chin when it’s bad!  Give your customers reason to like your company. CRM requires effort, but it’s worth it.
  2. REWARD SUBSCRIBERS: Building a database of genuine subscribers isn’t easy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) exists to ensure that all data stored is done so with express permission from each individual on your list. It is more important than ever to ensure your email list has a low unsubscribe rate, so make the offer appealing.
  3. CALL TO ACTION: Build prompts and triggers into all of your communications: emails; direct mail; blogs; social media posts; web pages; printed advertisements… Encourage your customers to visit your website, to call for info, to email today, to shop now… Make it obvious you want to engage with them.
  4. PLAN AHEAD: Make the most of special days in the calendar – they act as cues for offers, promotions, events and competitions. Organise ad space and printed collateral well in advance (you’re not the only one who wants that full page, front cover or printing press time). The same goes for graphic design on branded collateral. Remember, good graphic designers come with good ideas!
  5. KNOW YOUR BUCKET HAS A LEAK: Every business suffers from attrition. Failing to communicate with customers on a regular basis will result in missed opportunities. Prevent problems before they require a cure and you will manage that drip.

Need help with your CRM? Call the experts.

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