Happy in our work.

Happy Marketeers & Mountaineers

We’ve known each other for yonks.

Pals, we’ve climbed the same mountains (fallen off a few, too), ran marathons, kayaked rapids and walked tightropes. Each is well-versed in the art of marketing and we share a wicked sense of humour. Indefatigable, our exploits and willingness to see the funny side of things have made us exceedingly resourceful and more than capable of delivering amazing results – even for those demanding clients.

We founded Vonderbrand because we knew we’d have a blast! We get a kick out of rocketing clients up the Google ranks, boosting their sales and making them look good online and in print. Our motto – if you don’t enjoy what you do, do something else!

And we’re going to get all enthusiastic about your business.

Darren Waring & Gary McLachlan

Founders. Marketeers. Mountaineers. Creatives. Chimps.



If you want to develop a more prominent web presence for your business, then starting a local SEO Halifax campaign is a good way to go. We can work with you to identify the most relevant high volume keywords which your target audience is searching for and implement an approach which utilises your key strengths in a way that provides significant, long term results.


We can put your small business in front of leads in Halifax and beyond.


Off site optimisation (off-site SEO) is the process of promoting your web site across the web. The purpose is to develop brand awareness, improve rankings in the search engines and to attract visitors from third party websites. The process is ongoing, it’s not the kind of area that you can do once and forget about. SEO in it’s essence is competitive by nature, making sure that you regularly amend and upgrade your link portfolio is the only way you can ensure top rankings in the long run.


Unsure about exactly how well equipped your site is for optimal performance on the Search Engines?

We can run a fully comprehensive SEO audit, identifying all the key areas where your website is performing well, areas where it may be lacking and suggestions as to how to best resolve any concerns that we encounter.


We can cover the creation of high quality, engaging and seo friendly content – the type of copy that delivers your subject matter in an impressive manner, whilst also providing all of the benefits that high standard copy brings to SEO.


Successful web marketing relies on one more thing – SPEED! A slow website is detrimental to both user friendliness and SEO. We can implement advanced server side and client side modifications to your website that can dramatically improve site loading times and ultimately help your website perform better in terms of SEO as well.

Want to talk bananas?

Looking to climb to the top of the Google ladder? Contact Vonderbrand today!

More Services

Web Design & Development

Does your web design agency cut the mustard? You can be sure that we do! Beautifully designed and well thought out, the websites this Halifax design agency outputs are modern, responsive and fast – just as they should be.
It doesn’t stop there though. It’s no use having a beautifully designed website if it doesn’t work. That’s like owning a Ferrari 458 with no engine. Our websites function just as good as they look.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Are you happy with your logo design? Top off some some stunning web design with a shapely new brand. As our name suggests, corporate branding is at the heart of our business – from initial concept to full blown WOW!
Changing your logo design, in fact, every aspect of corporate branding is a journey. Invite Vonderbrand to accompany you on your corporate branding journey.

Direct Marketing

Virtually everything we do, from Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation to Branding and Social Media Marketing is enhanced by our understanding of vertical markets and demographics.
We are NOT cable men – we ARE, however, extremely good at web marketing and commercial enterprise promotion.

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  • "They really know their stuff when it comes to web marketing and SEO. Vonderbrand has helped boost our sales in what is traditionally a quiet season. Highly recommended!" "They really know their stuff when it comes to web marketing and SEO. Vonderbrand has helped boost our sales in what is traditionally a quiet season. Highly recommended!" January 26, 2016

    Graeme Taylor - Halifax

  • 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews

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