Being different can help you land a job – having a USP makes a firm stand out. Ironically itโ€™s often the similarities that businesses share which highlight the differences. If yours is an industry which trades in commodity it can seem like all companies are the same when in fact they are not*.

If all things seem equal, simply BE BETTER than the rest:

  1. SPEED. Rapid response and quick turnaround are huge plus-points for customers and often result in positive reviews on social media.
  2. CONVENIENCE. Retail, Manufacturing or Service Industry, convenient opening hours, call-out times and delivery options win sales. Being accessible makes a brand more appealing.
  3. RELIABILITY. Page 1, Rule 1 of good CRM – keep your promises! Aim to over-deliver wherever possible and be consistent in terms of quality.
  4. COURTESY. Good service is remembered. Look at it this way; if speed, convenience, reliability and price are all matched by the competition, being nice might tip the scales.

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*No matter what you do there will always be an unimaginative competitor eager to copy your methods (we know this only too well). When comparing apples with apples customers soon notice that, whilst some are delicious and juicy, others have worms in them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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